Restoring a Compaq Portable

David Griffith dgriffi at
Wed Jan 14 00:03:22 CST 2015

In my further adventures in restoring a Compaq Portable, I have these 

1) Missing brightness knob.  Solution: I posted earlier about this.  A few 
people in #classiccmp think they may have one.

2) Capacitive disks under the keys are rotten.  Solution: sounds good, except 
I'll use 3M 77 spray.

3) I can't get the keyboard to respond at all.  I tried touching the 
capacitive pads with bare fingers, anti-static bag material, etc. 
Nothing works.  Solution: I don't know.  I suspect the scan driver and/or 
the sense amp chips may be bad.  These are Exar 22-950-3B (sense driver) 
and 22-908-93A (sense amp).  Does anyone here know a decent source of 
these and/or data sheets?

David Griffith
dgriffi at

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