Recovering Win3.1 Data

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Tue Jan 13 18:04:55 CST 2015

Depending on the BIOS, you could attach a drive with an IDE (host 
facing) to SATA connector and a small drive to the system.  This 
probably would have to go to a second IDE port, so both could be 
independent of each other.

Image the 420mb drive to the SATA drive, and remove it.


On 1/13/2015 3:29 PM, Mouse wrote:
>>> If the original machine boots, there are many possibilities.  I once
>>> did a linkup with a system with NO serial or parallel ports ([...])
>>> by bit banging an LED on the console and picking the bits up with a
>>> phototransistor connected to some parallel port pins.
>> I hate to think how long it would take to transfer a 400MB drive using that $
> Don't forget, with a technique like that there is no need to limit it
> to (eg) serial-port speeds; the limitations will be the software on
> each end, the response time of the LED, and the response time of the
> phototransistor; these might well permit megabit-plus rates.
> 420MB at one megabit, unrealistically assuming no framing or error
> loss (ECC, retransmit, whatever), is under an hour.  Cut the speed to
> 100Kb and double the data for framing and error loss, and my
> calculation says 19.57+ hours, still less than a day.
> I don't know about the original poster, but I wouldn't consider that
> out of the question at all.
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