Framing Core Memory

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Tue Jan 13 17:22:32 CST 2015

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> On Tue, 13 Jan 2015, Robert Jarratt wrote:
> > I have been given a tiny piece of core memory, about 1cmx1cm. It has
> > obviously been cut from a larger piece and is almost certainly
> > unusable. I would therefore like to frame it for display and to show
> > to young people. Is there a recommended good way to mount the core for
> > framing with the smallest amount of possible damage?
> howzbout mount it on a bit of perf-board, with standoffs and a piece of
> over it.  Or just plex both sides.
> But the perf-board would give you an easier way to bring out connecting
> and have some accessible terminals to poke at it with.

I do like the idea of mounting it on perf-board, making it possible to
attempt to use the memory somehow for demonstration purposes, but the piece
is probably too small, the wires are too short at the edges of the piece,
and just too fine for my level of dexterity.

A couple of suggestions for perspex/plexiglass, I am guessing basically a
"box" made of perspex/plexiglass so that the memory isn't glued to anything.
Actually, looking on ebay there appear to be some small display boxes
available that would probably do the trick. That sounds like the best



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