Recovering Win3.1 Data

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Tue Jan 13 14:58:09 CST 2015

On Tue, 13 Jan 2015, Douglas Taylor wrote:

> In the mid-90's I had a Packard Bell computer that ran Windows for workgroups 
> 3.11.  The computer is long gone, but I saved the disk. It is a 420 MB 
> Conner.  I recently tried to recover the data by attaching it to one of those 
> IDE/SATA to USB devices and read it under Windows7, didn't work.
> I am able to copy files to floppy, but the stuff I want to save won't fit on 
> a floppy.
> I put the disk in an old PC and it will boot to DOS, it tries to start WIN3.1 
> but exits because of some missing sound card hardware.
> What is the path of least resistance here?  Is linux any help?

Just abort the AUTOEXEC.BAT processing.  F8 I think.  That'll allow you to 
abort the Windows start and hit a DOS prompt without interference.


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