Restoration technique [Was: Re: Bay Area: IBM 4341 and HP3000]

Pontus pontus at
Mon Jan 12 14:21:13 CST 2015

On 01/12/2015 08:53 PM, tony duell wrote:
> Actually, a lot of things are not easy to learn. I fact I struggle to think
> of anything worthwhile that is.

Well, perhaps my choice of word wasn't the best. I certainly didn't mean 
to say that the subject matter should be made "easy". Computer 
restoration is challenging and difficult, I acknowledge that. What I 
wanted was to make the subject more approachable.

> Hang on. I post here. I write repair articles for HPCC. Every year I give
> a talk at HPCC on the internals of some old HP device (last time it
> was the HP11305 disk controller for the HP9830, something that it is
> not easy to find technical info on [1]). What more do you want?
> (Said with tongue firmly in cheek).

:) And I try to read (and understand) most of what you write, even if 
it's not directly related to what I collect. What is this HPCC that you

> I have often thought about writing a more general 'book' on classic computer
> repair but it either ends up far too trivial (explaining gates and flipflops and
> linear PSUs,) or very machine-specific.

When I think more about it. I think I want a book that guides me through 
restoration of computers from digital between 1970 and 1980, since that 
is my main interest. I realize that a book about restoring micros from 
1980 and onwards would be a very different book.

Still, I don't think either of those books exist.


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