One for the Kaypro Kids

Jason T silent700 at
Sun Jan 11 22:05:18 CST 2015

I have scanned and uploaded 12 issues of "Kugram," the official
newsletter of the Kaypro Users' Group:

It's really "Kμgram," which I'd say as "K-microgram" but the limits of
character sets and convenience probably turned it into "koo-gram."
And they refer to themselves as "kuggers," not "K-microgrammers." :)

One odd thing about these: there's no date on the covers, just Volume
and Issue numbers.  However, it looks like they started publishing in
January 1983.

Anyone got any more issues laying around that I can add to this
collection?  I will pay for postage to get them to me.  You can have
them back, but I will have chopped their spines for easy scanning.
Also, anyone want the physical copies of the ones I've scanned?  Pay
the postage and I'll send them out (there are two copies of a few of
them.)  They are chopped as well.



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