Bay Area: IBM 4341 and HP3000

Al Kossow aek at
Sun Jan 11 20:01:49 CST 2015

> Now, question to ponder, was the market for automobiles *created* and manipulated into existence by market makers and public relationists?

Automobiles were used by individuals for four generations, the models are built to appeal to different personalities and social strata.
A significant number of people in three of those four generations fixed their own cars, so they had some knowledge of how they worked.

Consumer computers are commodities. You throw them out, and since their performance improves orders of magnitude over time most people
could care less about trying to use an old one.

A person in 2015 can pretty easily pick up how to drive a car from their great-grandfather. They might even remember the car their great-grandfather
owned. If you could find one, only an expert who knew where to look would have the faintest idea how to use a computer from the 1950's or would
want to try. Thanks to the net, in a few years your latest wizbang handheld device will be as useless as an analog cell phone from the 90's. Even
if you wanted you use it, you wouldn't be able to because the network infrastructure that makes it function will be gone.
Seen many working Web TV's or Danger Hiptops lately?

So, no, there is very little in common with the base of people collecting cars and computers and there will never be a popular movement to preserve
them other that as a platform for playing games.

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