Bay Area: IBM 4341 and HP3000

Jay West jwest at
Sun Jan 11 14:50:05 CST 2015

Actually.... I (as well as others here) have been known to take a system that was a pretty destroyed pile of rust/mouseHabitat and get it fairly displayable/running again. It takes a HUGE amount of work and time, but it can often be done.

>From the pictures, I can tell both systems are probably in fairly far gone condition and would be at the top end of the "barely possible to restore" ranking. These systems have a smaller market for purchase because not "a majority" of the collectors around could easily restore them and get them running. Major Tough Project.

That being said... I've always wanted a 43xx and an HP3K both, but I simply don't have the bandwidth to commit to that extensive of a restoration at this point. Hopefully someone else on the list does, or can at least house them till such a time as someone does. They are both sought-after systems, particularly by me.

On the whole price debate.... given the condition these systems are in - they are fairly worthless. Scrap value at best. In moderate or fully restored condition, they are worth a lot. But the current owner needs to understand that someone is going to spend 10 times his asking price getting them restored and as such, he can't ask more than scrap for them.


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