Found an EEPROM programmer that works with Linux

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Fri Jan 9 00:33:57 CST 2015

Thanks for the tip, David - Linux-friendly hardware is always Good News!
But might you provide a little more information?

Searching eBay for "TL866CS", dozens of listings turn-up, each offering
different combinations of adapters, cables and other ancillary items in
addition to the chip burner itself.

Could you offer a little more info on what's what, why one might select one
set / sub-set / super-set of parts over another, and so forth?

On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 10:17 PM, David Griffith <dgriffi at>

> I just thought I'd let everyone know, for the record, that I found an
> inexpensive USB-interfaced EEPROM programmer that works with Linux.  This
> is the Model TL866CS which is often sold as "MiniPro Programmer".  These
> can be found on Ebay for around $50.  It feels substantial and solidly
> built.
> The software I used to control it can be found at
>  The software has some nits[1] but
> it does work.  There's a QT-based front-end at
> qtl866.  That one has a potential showstopper bug in that it does not
> surround the device name with quotes when calling the minipro software.
> So, for those of you (like me) who have posted from time to time looking
> for a chipburner that works with Linux, here's a solution.
> [1] udev rules aren't installed in the right place.  No option to emit a
> list of supported devices.
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