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Thu Jan 8 10:50:33 CST 2015

>> Try wgetting this:
>> https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-T0_wpjVYELQ/VK29fWFGgSI/AAAAAAAAEv8/jBjELuZ-RAk/w565-h754-no/image%2B%281%29.jpg

> I don't have a https capable wget or equivelant handy right now but
> that link works just fine if I paste it into the browser.

It also works fine for me if I fetch it with HTTP instead of HTTPS.

> I guess Google would prefer I install something they can make better
> use of to advertise to me or track me or something instead of sending
> me directly to that link.

Certainly.  As a friend of mine pointed out, Google is not in the
search engine business or the app-making business, they are in the
information gathering and advertising businesses.  And if they can
offer you all this stuff for no direct cost, apparently business is
very, very good right now.

You, the person trying to fetch something, are not Google's customer.
You are (part of) Google's product, access to whom is being sold to
Google's customers.  Your happiness is relevant only in that you might
leave entirely if you get too unhappy.

It's discouraging how often people lose sight of that - or fail to
realize it entirely.

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