olivetti programma 101 repair

Simon Claessen simski at dds.nl
Wed Jan 7 16:41:59 CST 2015


Good news always has some bad news as well. After careful examining of 
the 952 (no, not 850...) pins, I found 52 broken ones. As they are made 
of a gold plated springy metal wire, I needed to find a replacement. 
Size: 0,5mm diameter.

Guitar wires are out. They are way to flexible. I opted for fosfor 
bronze wire, but could not find it in the shops in Amsterdam. Then I 
stubled upon a shop selling beads and stuff to make bracelets and 
earrings. They sell "memory wire", A very tough silver coated wire of 
0.6mm. I have no idea what the alloy is, but the mechanical 
characteristics are not bad.

The first clip I made fitted surprisingly good. now to find some time to 
bend another 51...

Oh well.

On 17-12-14 12:09, Simon Claessen wrote:
> Hey all,
> Good news! I've located the problems with the machine and already have
> fixed the mechanical part. The elctrical problem is bad contacts in the
> edge connectors (a mere 850 pins...) and I got my first calculating
> results on paper in the form of the square root of 6. :-)
> So ignore my earlier post on the scope probe path
> updates of course on the blog.
> On 14-12-14 18:25, Simon Claessen wrote:
>> hello all,
>> I'm in the process of repairing our 101 but i hit a solid wall finding
>> out whats wrong with it. are there people with a working copy who could
>> do some measurements on their copy?
>> Unfortunately i have no schematic of the electronics, only the mechanics
>> and PSU.
>> I have made a crappy video of the scope trace of the delay line input
>> and i'm very interested in a video of a working machine's delay line. :-)
>> The video is here:  http://youtu.be/llpwjGeldt0
>> and a partially repairlog is here:
>> https://hack42.nl/wiki/Repair_Olivetti_Programma_101
>> als scematics are welcome as well. :-)

Met vriendelijke Groet,

Simon Claessen

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