Identifying a 16k by 16 core memory board

Pete Turnbull pete at
Wed Jan 7 11:51:24 CST 2015

On 07/01/2015 17:05, Kyle Owen wrote:
> Does anyone know what this board would go to? It's a California Data
> Processors board, ca. 1978.
> It was found packaged in a Data 100 Corporation cardboard box, but I am not
> convinced it really belongs in there.

The shape, size and edge connector style match a hex-height Unibus card 
for a PDP-11, and a quick look at the edge connectors shows bus grant 
jumpering where I'd expect it, and what look like poer and ground 
connections seem to match too.  So I believe it's for a Unibus PDP-11.


Pete Turnbull

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