Resurrecting RK05

tony duell ard at
Tue Jan 6 13:32:00 CST 2015

> That's a good idea. It should load heads with no problem, but should not be
> able to read or write. I would suggest going through all of the servo
> adjustments in the PM procedure but would advise you NOT do a head
> alignment.

Can't some of the servo adjustments affect the exact point at which the servo locks?
In other words you should really do a head alignment after adjusting them.

Whatever you do don't put the alignment disk in as the first pack you try, for very
obvious reasons!. But if you have an alignment disk I see no reason not to do the 
head alignment -- after you are sure the drive is OK.

What I would do is to make sure it will spin up with a 12 sector pack (as those are
common) and the heads fly, etc

Then try a 'scratch' 16 sector pack. Format it (the RK05 does a true low-level format, 
of course), then read/write. If it has any problems, find out why, it is not head alignment

Assuming it gets that far, then put the alignment disk in and check the head alignment.


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