Understanding DECsystem 5100 Self Test Failure

Richard Loken richardlo at admin.athabascau.ca
Tue Jan 6 11:17:48 CST 2015

On Tue, 6 Jan 2015, Bob Vines wrote:

> However, since you said your battery was already dead and you have to
> reinstall VMS every time the system is powered down, I guess that your
> system doesn't store anything *critical* in that RAM.

Yes, whatever was in there is long gone.

I don't care for chips with internal batteries, I don't like them in
computers and I loath them in Tektronix test equipment - that is why my
oscilloscope is a 547.  There are lots of other Tek scopes that do not use a
stupid chip with a battery but mine happens to be a 547.

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