Logic Analyzers and In-Circuit Emulators

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Mon Jan 5 20:52:18 CST 2015

I spent the last week trying to document some of my analyzers and ICEs. There
are tons of photos, firmware dumps and some new manuals on bitsavers under
appliedMicrosystems, biomation, hmi, futuredata, hp/te hp/64000 and hp/64700.
The HMI-200-68000 manual that arrived today had the 68K DOS software in the
binder, zipped and up now under bits/HuntsvilleMicrosystems

Has anyone ever noticed a pattern to the numbering on the underside of MMI PALs?
It would be nice not to have to lift the labels off them. The ones I indentified

B7304 14L4
B7320 16L8
B7321 16R4
B7830 20S10
B7840 20L8

Most are protected. Every once and a while I found one that wasn't.

I'd be interested in other AMC ICE firmware dumps to add to the archive. I've made
some progress identifying the buses and what the various chunks of firmware are for.
Next thing to do is trace the pinouts and see if the house-marked 6809 memory mapper
is a MC6829.

 From looking at the manual, the HMI-200 is kind of interesting in that it can run
without a target. The Applied Microsystems units require a 'null target' board.

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