SIM990/DX10 help?

Sean Caron scaron at
Sun Jan 4 21:43:20 CST 2015

Yeah, I kind of "figured it out"... poring through README.txt and just
noodling around a little bit. So, you extract the disk images and run
sim990 (still, from a SSH session via PuTTY):

sim990 -m 10 -s 512K -c dx10.cfg

Once it starts up, from within that window, I found I could hit Esc (not
F10) then "!" and then I got an SCI prompt and a message about the system
being uninitialized!

I ran a "IS" command as described in Vol. 2 of the DX-10 documentation...
this system is pretty easy to use... just filled in the date and ran with
defaults otherwise. It churned for no more than 30 seconds and eventually
it lands at a QUIT message. I let it sit for a while and once I convince
myself it's idle, I try poking at it again...

Hit Esc and "!" and I get prompted to sign on to SCI now! I logged in with
the username and password given in README.txt (SYS001/SYSTEM). I get the
SCI prompt at the console, I can run commands just fine. Cool!

So, now that I can use the system from the console, I'm trying to test it
with Telnet again, to see if it'll behave differently after the system has
been initialized.

I find that now when I open Telnet sessions to port 2000, I get a prompt to
signon to SCI, which I didn't get before, and if I create a new user
account for myself using "AUI" at the console, I can get logged in. After
login, I'm at the same menu I saw before, but I still don't get a SCI
prompt in the Telnet sessions like I do from the console.

I strongly am suspecting it might be an "emulation" issue with the Telnet
sessions, where the console is set up as a "TTY" while it is expecting the
Telnet sessions to look more like a TI VDT. I'm still poking at it but at
this point I'm confident I'll get to the bottom of it... or... I can just
use it from the console, failing all else.

The scheme used for user accounts in DX10 is bizarre and amusing. It took
me a minute to figure out that the user ID /is/ the three digits in the
account name and they need to be unique across accounts! LOL

Woo hoo!



On Sun, Jan 4, 2015 at 7:04 PM, jwsmobile <jws at> wrote:

> On 1/4/2015 3:35 PM, jwsmobile wrote:
>> Below is what I have so far.
> Control X is your friend.  It is the "Command" key for some terminal, and
> gets a "System is not initialized response back.
> Onward to screw up my disk image...
>                       T E X A S   I N S T R U M E N T S
>                        D X 1 0   S Y S T E M   3 . 7 . 0
>                           /DEV   - DEVICE OPERATIONS
>                           /FILE  - FILE OPERATIONS
>                           /PDEV  - PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT
>                           /SMAIN - DX10 MAINTENANCE
>                           /SOP   - DX10 OPERATION
> Jim

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