Repairing A4000 leaky NiCd damage?

Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at
Fri Jan 2 16:38:35 CST 2015

> Unusally for this list, everyone seems to agree that it is the way to go
> but it still seems a bit black art to me.  Yet we have long and 
> inconclusive
> debates about retrobrite and the like where there are opionions on both 
> sides
> of the fence.  I'm not saying I'd like to have a big debate about this, 
> just
> wondering if I'm missing something somewhere.

    Dear Peter

    I hate to "show credentials" but...
    I'm an engineer with long experience in development and repair of 
embbedded electronics systems, from simple household items to radar and 
microwave communication systems. I've repaired boards way more complicated 
(and fragile) than A4000 boards for years, and - of course - before applying 
techniques unknown in fragile (and more expensive than a year's pay) boards, 
I've studied the chemical and physical aspects of anything, since an error 
could me cost lots and lots of money.

    So, when I say something, it may even not be the more perfect method (so 
it must be reproductible by people without acess to special chemicals and 
tools) but **it works, because I tried and use it for years**. It isn't a 
tip from a weekender.

    Anyway, I can always be wrong, and I'm very happy to be confronted with 
good knowledge and pratice. Anyone here, please, feel free to correct me. 
But give me proof.

    Very sorry to "show credentials", I don't want to be rude nor better 
than anyone here in any way

    Greetings from Brazil

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