Old versions of 2.11BSD

Jacob Goense dugo at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 31 09:13:53 CST 2015

Over at TUHS an attempt to put the history of 2.11BSD under version
control (git) stranded somewhat.

After some digging the patchlevels that can be found in the archives
are now 195, 277, 303 and 431. The base 2.11BSD is sorely missing.

The numbered updates by Steven M. Schultz are not pure context diffs.
eg. an attempt to reverse them breaks where ld.c is removed in update
#160 and can't be pieced back together accurately using 2.10xBSD and
assorted patches.

Maybe someone here who missed the thread on the TUHS mailing list has
a really old copy of 2.11BSD lying around?


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