Targeting Computers in X wing fighters.

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Thu Dec 31 05:10:40 CST 2015

      Went to Starwars last night. Oh boy did they get it right this time!!
Look and feel of the original 1977 version. Really good new actors.

In a way it was like a retelling of history but in a completly new way.

The bombing runs up the trench used the same sighting system as thirty 
odd years ago.

Added to that several scenes  were filmed at the former US Airbase at 
Greenham Common.
Its a mile from where I live and I passed within 50yards of where the 
filming took place on my way to the cinema.
The bunkers are in a natural hollow in the ground and surrounded by 
triple fences with watch towers.

In the film you can see the typical camoflarge netting in the back 
ground. - Nothing to do with the film.
They were trying to hide the set from passing aircraft.

They managed to keep it a secret until one day a guy was passing  in his 
microlight and spotted the MF
(or at least most of it) parked  by the old cruise missile bunkers.. He 
was not a fan but his son was.

He calls his son up on his mobile and says:
   You know that spaceship you got for Christmas years ago. Well there's 
a big one at Greenham Common.
The answer is not repeatable here but he ended by saying I'm on my way 
to your landing strip - pick me up.
It was true and it made the local paper before Lucasfilm could do 
anything about it.

This Abrams guy really understood what people wanted.
Considering how unwell Carrie Fisher is she gave a really good performance.
She gets my special "The show must go on" award.

Disney must be so pleased and if I know them they will keep the faith.


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