10 forgotten wonders of 1980s homes

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> okay, this is _really interesting_.  Where can I read more?
Another list member provided a good document archive, there's also Sam
Etler's site which has other documents: <http://etler.com/docs/> I'll
point you specifically towards Western Electric's Fundamentals of
Telephone Communications Systems:
<http://etler.com/docs/WECo/Fundamentals/> which is all about the
switching equipment. Other documents can be found spread across the

And for your audio pleasure, I point you to Evan Doorbell's and Mark
Bernay's recordings. Specifically:
<http://www.wideweb.com/phonetrips/> and the location of the new files
<http://www.evan-doorbell.com/> The narrator on the tapes --- Evan
Doorbell --- is funny, informative, and knowledgeable. It helps that
he used to be a phreak back in the 70s and 80s too.

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