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On 12/29/2015 2:08 PM, Mark Matlock wrote:
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>> On 12/27/2015 10:15 PM, Mark Matlock wrote:
>>>   The software I am looking for are the MINC software packages FEP (Fortran Enhancement Package) V2.1 and FRP (Fortran Real_time Package) V1.0. Also SSP V1.3 (Scientific Subroutines Package) and LSP V1.2 (Laboratory Subroutines Package) would be great to find as well. These all run under RT-11 and I understand that there was also a version (V1.1) of FEP and V1.0 of FRP that ran under RSX11M which would be fantastic to find as I am more interested in RSX11M. This is based on documents in the MINC folder in the bitsavers online archives.
>>> Mark
>> I have some MINC hardware (also a MINC/23 I think) and software, but it
>> does not look like I have what you are looking for.
>> What I do have images of (except for the one marked "(Bad)" that seem
>> likely MINC related:
>> RX01:
>> LAB Applications-11 Library V3 DEC-11-SLABA-C-YB, NSUM=41906
>> LAB Applications-11 Lib Source 1 of 3 DEC-11-SLABA-C-YA1, NSUM=56190
>> LAB Applications-11 Lib Source 2 of 3 DEC-11-SLABA-C-YA2, NSUM=28900
>> LAB Applications-11 Lib Source 3 of 3 DEC-11-SLABA-C-YA3, NSUM=65055
>> PLOT, Ver June '80 DECUS 11-381 RT-11 Media(KA) (Bad)
>> PLOTTING PKG For RT-11 FORTRAN DECUS 11-431 RT-11, NSUM=12228
>> LABORATORY APPLICATIONS-11 1 of 4, (KD) DECUS 11-448 RT-11, NSUM=15424
>> LABORATORY APPLICATIONS-11 2 of 4, (KD) DECUS 11-448 RT-11, NSUM=1369
>> LABORATORY APPLICATIONS-11 3 of 4, (KD) DECUS 11-448 RT-11, NSUM=2841
>> LABORATORY APPLICATIONS-11 4 of 4, (KD) DECUS 11-448 RT-11, NSUM=21353
>> FEP2: FINITE ELEMENT PROG 3DIM 1 of 2 KB DECUS 11-461 RT-11, NSUM=14187
>> FEP2: FINITE ELEMENT PROG 3DIM 2 of 2 KB DECUS 11-461 RT-11, NSUM=26552
>> RX02:
>> MINC MA DEMO/23 V2.0 BIN RX2 BA-J837B-BC, NSUM=04649
>> MINC MA DEMO/03 V2.0 BIN RX2 BA-H107D-BC, NSUM=58263
>> MINC MA SYS/23 V2.0 BIN RX2 BA-J836B-BC, NSUM=17510
>> MINC MA SYS/03 V2.0 BIN RX2 BA-H106D-BC, NSUM=61253
> Jay,
>    Wow! It would be great to get copies of those DEC and DECUS floppies! Almost all DECUS software include the sources  and a good example of source code is worth many pages of references manuals. Please contact me directly and we can discuss how to transfer them. Several of those titles sound very interesting!
>    The MINC systems are great hardware platforms, but I was very afraid that much of the software had been lost. This is very encouraging!
> Thanks!
> Mark

I have had several folks express the desire for them. Over the day or
few days (we have a gathering coming up tomorrow, and not sure I will
get to it today, so it could be as late as next week), I will load them
up on my Google drive in a directory structure analogous to what
bitsavers uses, and send out the link.


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