The KGB, the Computer, and Me

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Mon Dec 28 10:52:16 CST 2015

On 28/12/2015 16:27, Fred Cisin wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Dec 2015, Rod Smallwood wrote:
>> I love this guy!
>> I bet he has a time travelling DeLorean in his garage
> At one point, he mentioned wanting to create a punched card driven 
> webserver.
> For a while, he had a show on MSNBC.  He wanted to shoot an episode in 
> my office, due to the piles of old computer junk.
> I gave him a small "irreparably damaged" core plane.
   Whilst a mechanical card system is perhaps not a good way to go a 
vitual card and tape system is another matter.

Take one pile of assorted systems.
Label the first 'Card Reader'
The second Card punch
The next Tape reader
Then tape punch
... CPU
... Memory
... and so on

go to card punch system
press a key for next card. - card appears on the screen using key pad 
key in data - holes appear

The rest you can guess. Instead of running jobs in a real old DP shop 
you simulate it using systems to stand in for each device.

Set up in a large open area and you have the ultimate Multiuser Team RPG 
called 'Computer Operations'
Online no-problem Do I feel like being a line printer to-night?


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