The KGB, the Computer, and Me

jwsmobile jws at
Mon Dec 28 04:06:18 CST 2015

On 12/28/2015 1:45 AM, Rod Smallwood wrote:
> Hi
> Anybody who has not seen this film (The KGB, the Computer, and Me)
> its worth a look. 1980's DEC systems everywhere, LSI terminals, HP kit,
> Tape drives in action and apart from the Mac no Windows anywhere.
> I think LBL must have bought one of everything.
> The story (true) is not bad either.
> I now expect to get a long list of weveseenits.
> Ron
I have not seen that, but have the Stoll Book, Cuckoo's Egg.  A friend 
of mine is central to this, and is in the book (though I've not seen him 
for 30 years...)

Ron Vivier was a programmer @ Microdata for a couple of years before 
leaving and moving to the Bay area and resurfacing @ Tymnet.  There was 
a lull for a bit then all of a sudden the story about Stoll trapping the 
guy made headlines, and there in the front of it was Ron.  He did what 
I'd have expected him to do, but the people covering the story didn't 
get that was in his nature to help like that.

I ended up with the desk cleanout droppings from his desk and kept most 
of it for years, and still owe him a chess clock (which is around here 
somewhere).  Still has his name dymo'ed on the top.

I found the video you posted about, will take a look tomorrow, late here 
tonight.  thanks for the lead.  Wonder what Stoll is up to these days.


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