Ferroresonant transformers and 3278

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Wed Dec 23 11:00:22 CST 2015

tis 2015-12-22 klockan 16:45 +1300 skrev Mike Ross:
>> Finagle's law says 90% of my 3-phase big iron was acquired in the USA
>> and expects 3-phase 60Hz 208V... :-(
Many machines which did NOT have a ferroresonant transformer 
could be run from 50 or 60 Hz with no problem.  The one 
place it was a problem would be getting the disk spindles 
turning at the right speed.
Matching the available voltage would be the other detail, 
but a standard voltage adjusting transformer would do it 
fairly simply.

But, the ferroresonant transformers needed the right frequency.


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