XY11 Manual, Anyone?

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I had the large  ibm calcomp plotter  if  big   wide  one we have the  same 
... it is in the hp display case at smecc  museum 
there was a fortran graphics text book  we had adn I had gotten   with a HP 
3000 and it had a interface  board  ( parallel interface??  too many  
I  made it  plot  squares etc  .. as I  remember  the  hp intrinsics may 
have had  some support  for this..
once I did that  i put it aside and went  back to playing with  the  HP 
multi-pen HP plotters we sold  back them at Computer Exchange  Inc. 
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Subject: XY11 Manual, Anyone?
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>  I have in mind to connect a machine to an IBM 1627 (CALCOMP 565)  plotter
> and then the XY11 which just arrive would fit nicely, I  think.
> But I cannot seem to find any manual for the XY11.  Anyone know of a 
> The board is rather simple so it  should be possible to work out the 
> on how to interface it by  hand but it would be nice to have the proper
> manual.
>  Then for software I found a diagnostic, XXYAD0 that supposedly should  
> a square and a rectangle.
> Anyone know of other  drawing software that uses the XY11
> /Mattis

The book  'The Minicomputer in the Laboratory' by James W Cooper covers 
using an
X-Y  plotter with an 11/05, and has assembly listings and a whole bunch of  
stuff about scientific plotting. Also a lot of info on using the  LPS-11 
There are plenty of copies out there and quite cheap too. It's  an 
excellent book
and could be of use to  you.


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