Remember the old "Choose your own adventure books" By D & D! ! !

Jason Howe jason at
Tue Dec 22 00:17:58 CST 2015

On 12/21/2015 04:46 AM, Mike wrote:
> Has any of you took one of them old choose your own adventurer books and
> coded it into a text RPG in basic? if so how well did it work as soon as
> I get all my Commodore 64 setup on CHRISTmas day that is the first thing
> that I am going to start working on. The one I am doing is *" THE DRAGON
> OF DOOM "* I have been brushing up on my coding skills with old books

In a similar vein, I found in the used book store by my house a year or 
two ago, "The Bytes Brothers" Volume 2.  Billed as a "Solve-it-yourself 
computer mystery, it takes you through a story, with clues, the idea is 
to write a basic program to solve some of the puzzles through-out the 
book.  It's pretty simple stuff, but would be perfect for an 8-9 year 
old just learning some BASIC on their family's home computer.  I've 
looked around for these and haven't found these in any other used stores.

...and now that I check amazon, the entire series of these is out there 
for about a penny a piece, I may have to burn a Christmas dollar, 
literally just one to get the rest.


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