Remember the old "Choose your own adventure books" By D & D! ! !

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Has any of you took one of them old choose your own adventurer books and coded it into a text RPG in basic? if so how well did it work as soon as I get all my Commodore 64 setup on CHRISTmas day that is the first thing that I am going to start working on. The one I am doing is *" THE DRAGON OF DOOM "* I have been brushing up on my coding skills with old books like BASIC COMPUTER GAMES AND SUCH... So wirh me luck and if any of you have done this brfotr please let me know how it ernt? The only Major things I have forgotten are...

1. Clear the screen for the next page!
2, doing the page jumps like in the book it will say if your want top enter turn to page 356 ot if you want to keep walking turn to page 17 that is the code I have forgoten But I am sure you all will be able to help me make this game the best it can be. I wish I fould add hiypointd and damage points find gold but I guess when I get to that Ill ask only after I dearch th net for awncers. thanks yall GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTmas!

Clear Screen was CLS, IIRC.

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