NCR 376 card punch

E. Groenenberg ed at
Mon Dec 21 01:15:32 CST 2015

So I saw this NCR376 card punch on the German Ebay and placed a bid,
getting it for Eur 1.50 (approx $1.75).

Last Saturday I picked it up near Frankfurt and brought it back home and
came with a small user manual (in German), 2 sheets of diagrams (need to
find a magnifier to read it properly) and about 500 unused cards.

There are a few small issues, the rubber rollers of the feeder are
melted, but apparently can be replaced using some heat shrink tube, the
rubber layer seems to be very thin.

Another issue are the transport rollers which moves the card from right
to left where the hopper is. Those are also melted but again seem to be

Last issue is that when I press some keys on the keyboard, the card does
not advance, only some clicking noises from the backplane is heard.
The backplane consists of s series of relays on a few cards, and a number
of capacitors on a few other cards. (Yes, this card punch is driven
by a series of relays).

This unit is OEM-ed from JUKI (Juki-1300), a Japanese company who made it.

Although the machine is small (about 100 x 100 x 45 cm) is weights 100Kg.

Anybody know a source for other manuals of this machine? Googling for it
did not return much for it.

Ik email, dus ik besta.
BTC : 1J5fajt8ptyZ2V1YURj3YJZhe5j3fJVSHN

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