VAX 4000-500 PSU Overload?

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Sat Dec 19 10:08:30 CST 2015

>> Bulbs have a lower than normal resistance when cold [...]
>> Three or four 15 ohm resistors in parallel would probably make a
>> better load for the -12V line.
> Unfortunately I don't have enough of these to hand, and the local
> shop (Maplin) does not have enough in stock.


> But getting something in series to measure load is going to be really
> awkward, [...]

As in, you don't have any such thing to put in series, or you don't see
a good way to get it in series?  I've got a couple of 0R1 resistors
which work nicely for that in conjunction with a voltmeter that can
handle millivolt measurements; you might be able to get something
similar.  Mine are 10W, and, while they are designed for bolting to a
heatsink, they can probably handle at least 2 or 3 watts, which means
some 5-6 amps, in free air.  (Though that then drops about half a volt,
which can be a problem when you can't put it on the input side of the

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