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OK Yea they were odd inside   we  have  tower here..  think it is a 70
and a 17" or 19 inch MONSTER ibm monitor  ( alas  B/W).
 Years and Years  ago  someone  dumped a bunch at a  thrift shop.. lots of 
neat here  I wish I had kept more of them... I  kept   the  tower and let 
the desk tops  go  you see seldom any of these  around here.     We  also 
kept a LAPTOP IBM with dual  floppies  and a odd plasma screen all in one  IBM 
and  we have an IBM that  is like  the Compaq Portable and of   course  a  
first PC  ( where do I get Charlie Chapman  look-a-like  to have next to 
Ed#   _www.smecc.org_ (  
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No they  weren't SCSI.  Those were only through either a
"spock" or "tribble"  MCA card.  Those were the code names.
I have *no* idea what the "real"  IBM designation was.  ;-)

The desktop PS/2 machines (50, 50Z, 70,  etc) were all
designed with robotic assembly in mind (that's why  there
are no screws or cables in those machines).  To  accomplish
that the HDD was a non-standard connector.

TTFN -  Guy

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> did   all mod 70s have SCSI  drives?
>  Ed#
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> I never  saw this post, but did end up with a  30MB. I will take another 
> available  though.
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> wrote:
>> Still  looking?
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>> Sent: Monday, February 16, 2015 9:31  PM
>>   Subject: IBM PS/2 Model 70 HARD DRIVE  NEEDED
>>   Got a hard  down situation and need to re-install/recreate the BBS  
>   I
>>> had  running.
>>> HDD makes swishy noises  when  shaken, haven't tried stirring yet.
>>> I /guess/  a  bootable MCA SCSI card would work too...  ;)
>>> I had the  160MB drive, but anything  above 30 would work - i guess i'll
>>>    just
>>> have to use a SCSI Drive for the file storage area once i  get  an MCA
>>> card  ....
>>> --
>>> Gary  G. Sparkes  Jr.
>>> KB3HAG
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> Gary G. Sparkes  Jr.

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