Decisions you regret

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> mark at wrote:
>> Yep.  Among the things that I have
>> given away (to Goodwill, or possibly
>> Salvation Army) - all in running
>> condition:
> ....
> I'm going to go shoot myself now.
> ~~
>    I'm curious, why were these given to
> a Goodwill / Salvation Army of all
> places?   These places don't have the
> first clue of what to do with items like
> these.. and they tend to be overwhelmed
> with stuff anyway.   Not everything goes
> out for sale.

My reasons at the time:
- All equipment was pretty much at its minimum value-wise
- It could still be priced relatively highly for tax deduction reasons
- I was very space constrained, and not using it at the time
- I'd just gotten married (see "Spousal unit", in a later post)

None of them good enough in hindsight for the value that equipment would 
have now, either to me or others.

Damn - too bad I pawned that old Colt Paterson - I bet it would be worth 
something by now...
Mark Moulding

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