Decisions you regret Was: Mystery IC: Allen Bradley

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Subject: Re: Decisions you regret  Was: Mystery IC: Allen Bradley

>    > From: Brent Hilpert
>    > I threw out a print-only selectric a few years ago ... Regret it now,
>    > just because it would have been fun to figure it out. C'est la vie.
> I can top that.
> Every time I think about it I kick myself... Sigh!
> Although I suspect a lot of people here have stories like that...

Yep.  Among the things that I have given away (to Goodwill, or possibly 
Salvation Army) - all in running condition:

- A complete HP-1000 system: A600 processor with internal hard drive, serial 
card + 8-port serial mux, all floppies, all documentation, a 2631G printer, 
7912 13 MB disk drive, and two 2624B terminals

- My CP/M "network", with Cromemco Z2-H with two 5 MB hard drives and two 8" 
floppies, 8-port serial card, connected to three H-19 terminals (the BIOS 
allowed you to become the console by typing ^C anywhere), HP2648 graphics 
terminal with tape cartridges, HP 2762 terminal (a re-badged GE 
Terminet-300), and an H-89 with three external floppies

- Ancient SCM TypeTronic system, with the main typewriter console, two 30 
CPS optical paper-tape readers, two really nice (re-branded CDC) 30 CPS 
punches, 2816 main control unit, and 7816 arithmetic unit (with internal 
fixed-head disk - 9 words plus a buffer, 30 digits/sec transfer rate!)

- Abandoned to rust away in a garage: a Teletype KSR-33 with punch and 
reader, of course, and a built-in modem with acoustic coupler, in perfect 

- Turned down - a complete HP-3000 system, with two Eagle 76936 512 MB 
drives, 32 serial ports, 2617A 600 LPM printer, and a few 2640 and 2622 

Did I mention that *everything* was in perfect working condition?

I'm going to go shoot myself now.
Mark Moulding

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