Diablo 3000 schematics wanted

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Dec 16 12:07:24 CST 2015

I suspect the answer is no, but before I spend a few afternoons tracing out the diagrams,
does anyone have a schematic or (real) service manual for the Diablo/Xerox 3000
computer, in particular the MRPRO CPU board.

This is a 1980s all-in-one business desktop computer with 2 internal 8" drives. Based on
an 8085 CPU. 

I have one that was mangled in the house-move (the movers decided to cut the keyboard
cable for me). I have now repaired that (and the signals do make sense) but I have other 
faults (these were probably there before the move, I had not run it for many years). Power
lines are fine, CPU chip is getting a clock, but the ready pin is held low. So not a lot 

The CPU board is not complicated, really (about 50 ICs, all of them standard) so it is going
to be possible for me to trace the schematic if that's what is needed...


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