Interest level for new PDP-11 indicator panels

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Dec 16 10:43:45 CST 2015

    > I'm trying to get a sense of how much demand there would be for the
    > indicator panel option (for parts ordering; I have a chance to buy some
    > discontinued stuff, and I want to know how much to stock up on). If you
    > would be interested in one or more indicator panels, could you let me
    > know? (Please don't reply to the list, just to me personally.)

I should have mentioned that we'll likely do a UNIBUS version of the card
(ENABLE+, and it should be easy to guess why that name :-) as soon as we're
done with the QBUS one; the same indicator panels would be supported by both
(so they count to the parts pool).

So if you have a UNIBUS machine, and would be interested in adding an ENABLE+
_with indicator panels_, I would be interested to hear about those too.


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