IBM Selectric-based Terminals

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>> On 12/15/15 12:05 PM, Mike Ross wrote:
>> > What other OSes might have native 2741 support built in, anyone know?
>> I would expect that IBM mainframe OS's would support it (especially older
>> ones).  The issue there would be getting the 2741 connected up.
> Hercules now has support for 2741 via Telnet

That is cool - but requires a host OS that supports 2741 login so you
can then telnet to Herc... does Linux have 2741 support? I have vague
memories of tweaking ?termcap? to support something odd I once shoved
into a serial port - but not 2741 odd!

What would be considerably cooler is if you could dedicate a serial
port to Herc - plug in the 2741; switch it on; get an IBM login prompt

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