Re-inking printer ribbons

Jason Howe jason at
Mon Dec 14 19:13:54 CST 2015

On 12/13/2015 10:17 AM, william degnan wrote:
> I have found that most vintage ribbons can be replaced with new ribbons for
> new devices.  Worst case you may find the right width but you'll have to
> re-thread to fit the vintage spindle.  Just have to match the width.
> I recently bought new ribbons for Decwriter II and TI Omni 810 without any
> problem.
> Bill
I'm having this issue right now with a Panasonic printer.  The black ink 
ribbons are still a dime/dozen. The 4-color ribbons are NLA from 
Panasonic and finding them is proving to get quite difficult.

I'd be more than happy to re-thread a cartridge, but where does one find 
CMYK  1 inch fabric ribbon?


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