Anyone want a copy of DIGITAL ServerWORKS Manager ?

Glen Slick glen.slick at
Mon Dec 14 16:32:31 CST 2015

Before I chuck these in the recycle bin, does anyone want a copies of
DIGITAL ServerWORKS Manager?

I have two boxes, QB-4QYAA-SA 3.2 sealed in shrink wrap, and
QB-4QYAA-SA 3.3 open box that is slightly crushed.

The boxes (at least the still sealed one) look like this eBay item
(not mine) listing:

The DIGITAL ServerWORKS™ Manager Installation and User Guide in the
QB-4QYAA-SA 3.3 open box is the ER-4QXAA-UA. G01 version of the
ER-4QXAA-UA. H01 manual here:

It doesn't look like there is a market for these worth the bother of
listing them on eBay. Free for the cost of covering postage from
Seattle, WA if anyone wants them.


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