Webster WQSMD/04 Qbus SMD Controller

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Mon Dec 14 13:42:04 CST 2015

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> Not completely unusual. Our company had a pair of Microvax IIs, in rack
> mount form, that shared a pair of SMD drives in another rack mount
> The cards used to interface to the 8" drives were EMULEX QD33 MSCP-
> compatible SMD/SMD-E disk controllers. I would have one of these up and
> running right now, except that the power supply in the drive chassis died
> last time I tried it and haven't had time to fix it. I believe the drives
are from
> fujitsu. I believe the drives were mainly used as NFS mounts for other
> boxes.

I have had a few replies now. So it seems that it wasn't that unusual to
connect up these big drives to a MicroVAX II. Can't see myself ever having
the space, or a strong enough floor, for such a drive though, and I suspect
they are not that easy to find in any case, but it would be nice to see such
a beast in action.



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