PDP 11/05 S vs 11/05 NC

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Mon Dec 14 12:33:48 CST 2015

2015-12-14 17:12 GMT+01:00 william degnan <billdegnan at gmail.com>:

> Just to change the subject..
> There were "S" and an "NC" version of 11/05 high profile system.  Why?
> I am curious if any DEC historians here know the reason for two versions of
> the same DEC PDP 11/05 *high profile* computer (not talking about the low
> profile).    There are separate manuals for each type.

Age? The NC (and ND if you are in 230VAC area) are in the BA11-D chassis
which uses the H750 PSU. The same chassis was used by for example 11/35.
The H750 PSU has partly the same assemblies  as the low PDP-11/05 chassis
and then also a H744. The memory system is somewhat different in that the
H214 is 8kW and the H217 is 16kW and the former is used in the NC/ND while
the S uses the latter.

But of course there can be all sorts of other reasons as well.


> The S seems to be more OEM-ish because it comes in an BA11-K chassis.  I am
> guessing you'd see an 11/05 S as part of a larger system (PDP 10), whereas
> the NC model would be for a stand alone system. ???
> This S's BA11-K chassis was used by other hardware by simply changing the
> backplane. The "NC" model chassis seems to be specifically for the 11/05 I
> don't think it appears anywhere else.
> If anyone is interested to see the different models I have a thread on my
> site for each type:
> 11/05 S
> http://vintagecomputer.net/browse_thread.cfm?id=622
> 11/05 NC
> http://vintagecomputer.net/browse_thread.cfm?id=249
> ... and then there are the 11/10's....
> --
> Bill

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