Emergency Moderation Mode

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Mon Dec 14 08:21:48 CST 2015

Sorry, that last post ('Re: bye for now') was not intended to get through.
The list was put into emergency moderation mode the past couple days so I
have had to approve each post and apparently slipped on that one. Hopefully,
people noticed the quick return to on-topicness the past day or two.

Several last thoughts on the topic...

Being the list owner, last I checked - I'm allowed to state my preference on
things. I have a strong preference against top posting. I have never banned
anyone for it. I see no problem with me stating that preference once in a
(great) while, especially when new members first join the list.

I also find it rather odd that people post ad-nauseum about how much they
hate the off-topicness (or the specific off-topic post in question), when in
fact the quickest/easiest way for a list member to end an off-topic thread
(other than contacting me) is to simply not respond to the post. Venting
your angst is a sure way to continue the flame-fest.

In any case, I'll continue to moderate 100% of the inbound posts, until such
time as I see things staying level-headed for a while.


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