Identifying Data General (or DG-related) console/terminal/whatsit?

Bruce Ray Bruce at
Sun Dec 13 21:09:02 CST 2015

Not identifiable as DG product - 3rd-party custom (graphics?) console 
for client?  (I can't read logo on bottom of console.)

NOAA/NWS AFOS system had similar-looking system with interesting 
trackball/keyboard combination.  Then there was GE Medical...

Wild Hare Computer Systems, Inc.
bkr at

On 12/13/2015 5:22 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:
> Hi all --
> A friend of mine is investigating picking up some DG hardware, and this
> item:
> Is included along with the rest of it.  I *know* I've seen something
> like this somewhere but I can't find anything now that I need it :). Can
> anyone identify this?
> Thanks,
> - Josh

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