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Sat Dec 12 14:00:08 CST 2015

> If I would have known!!! WOW I would have just read more posts before I 
> posted my first post look at this mess... There is no reason for people 
> to be rude or disrespectful to new people like myself. I have never 
> joined a place like this I know now that it has been said 1000000000000 
> times to scroll down and put my text there all I wanted to do was talk 
> about my new Commodore 64's.  Can we do that?  I make a post about 
> creepy pastas and all I got was made fun of? Do yall not want new people 
> to join? I think I can learn a lot from here that's all I want to do! 
> There are many Computer geniuses on here that I can learn a lot from 
> that's what I'm interested in and I like Creepypasta's and I collect 
> Honda ATC 3wheelers. But can we get back on track with the Commodore 64?

Much love for the plastic micros from the 80s, at least with me! Some 
people are into the larger DIGITAL Equipment Corp stuff (PDPs, Vaxes) and 
other large systems. I used to be big into Unix workstation hardware, 
including big ones so went up through lots of them until I hit the 
mountaintop with Cray stuff. It's so heavy and no permanant place for it 
so these days I prefer it when I can put 3 systems into a plastic tub.

I'm involved with a music and gaming festival (the music is mostly video 
game music) and we've spawned a computer museum as a come-back side 
project. This year I think there was about 32 to 34 systems out which 
include classic Macintosh stuff (Something personally I'm not a fan of 
outside of the case designs), a NeXT, some Atari ST, Atari 8 bit, Color 
Computer 2 or 3, Apple II, Apple IIGS, 8088 IBM PC, 80286, 80386, 80486. I 
think Mike had 2 of the later PCs (the 486es) on thinnet running Doom over 

Next year the computer museum space is around 3000 square feet and I think 
they're going to bring more like 100 to 120 machines (not sure.) I've 
offered them my Octane, Indigo, NeXT, Sun Voyager, Atari Mega 2, Atari 
520ST (need a mouse), Atari TT030 (need a mouse), Amiga 500, (probably 
hold bcak Amiga 600 it's so small it makes me nervous), C64, Dolch PAC 
luggable PC w/ Gravis Ultrasound, and some other stuff. Gave away the 
Model 4 TRS-80 but it should be coming. They've got a lot of the plastic 
microcomputer stuff covered until you hit fringe stuff like Mattel 
Aquarius and import machines. I did meet locals that import Russian and 
other MSX clones but don't have solid enough contact information to get 
any of it (might need to run an inverter to generate 50hz power and PAL 
TVs for that stuff.)

Friends have all sorts of stuff, and some things might be coming like a 
X68000 (for the Castlevania fans :-) and MSX and other fun things.

Anyways, where was I. Oh yea. Much love for the Micros, but different 
people came up at different times. My only CPM box is a beautiful IMSAI 
8080 -- which I keep covered. Still building the S100 CF card.

Check out the C64 SD adapters or the XA1541 if you haven't.

Ethan O'Toole

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