Best 200 buck I have ever spent!!! Deal of a lifetime!!!

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Sat Dec 12 11:53:57 CST 2015

On 12/10/2015 01:11 AM, Mike wrote:
> WOW sounds like ya got a good haul hope ya did not have to pay to much!

No, I got a good deal, although (unsurprisingly) it just about all needs 
work. One C64 is healthy, the other one gives a black screen. The Vic 
printer is completely unresponsive, and the 1541 drive doesn't POST and 
sits there with both LEDs on and constantly spinning.

I'm not too worried about the dead C64 as I already had two working 
machines: one boxed with PSU, but with a missing keycap, and the other 
'loose' with no PSU and a battered case, but with a good keyboard. So I 
think the plan is to merge parts, giving me three good working systems with 
PSUs and boxes, and one 'scrap' system with no box or PSU, and a battered 
case and broken keyboard.

I'll probably be looking for a new home for one of the three working 
systems after that; I like to have a working example + working spare of 
anything whenever possible, but I really don't need three systems.

Fixing the faulty 1541 drive is on the to-do list today if I get time, and 
then I'll think about tackling the Vic printer (but I expect the ribbon's 
dried out and replacements are unobtainable anyway, so I'm not worried if 
there's some major snafu with the electronics/mechanism, it's more of a 
"hey, that looks cool" piece anyway)


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