Gene Buckle geneb at
Sat Dec 12 09:07:48 CST 2015

On 12/11/2015 3:50 PM, Dale H. Cook wrote:
> At 01:47 PM 12/11/2015, Dave G4UGM wrote
>> I have searched high and low for a decent e-mail client for Windows.
> I still use Eudora Pro.
I'm using the current version of Thunderbird[*] right now and it not 
only quotes properly, but I've got it configured such that even if the 
inbound message is HTML it converts it to plain text when I hit reply. ;)

The calendar function is built in, but because I have no use for it I'm 
not sure what connectivity options it offers.


[*] A power outage on Wednesday killed the power supply in my main mail 
exchanger that I read email on via Alpine.  F*ck Dell and their 
proprietary power supplies and connectors!

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