IDE knowledge anyone?

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Fri Dec 11 19:02:27 CST 2015

Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:

> On 12/11/2015 04:35 PM, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
>> Western Digital Caviar 31600 it is.
>> I'm waiting for a 32Port-LA (might take up to a month). When it is
>> there I'll continue debugging that issue and see what a MS-DOS does
>> different from what I do.
> MS-DOS uses the native BIOS for hard disk accesses, unless you're  
> running Windows 3.1 or so and use a VxD to drive the ports directly.

Which is perfectly fine - I just want to see what is going on the drive
interface + timings - to see what is going on differently from my

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