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Fri Dec 11 10:19:16 CST 2015

On 12/11/2015 9:33 AM, Kevin Anderson 
> I used to be an ardent bottom-poster like this list requires, but then I was given one very good reason to switch that I believe is valid and persuasive -- bottom posting (and even inline posting), I understand, is a very royal pain in the arse for people who are visually disabled or challenged and require the use of assistance software.

By the same argument, all printed 
material should be in Braille, right?   
It's impractical to have the same common 

The problem you describe seems more like 
it could be handled by better, smarter 
assistance software.  Can't it "page 

As we scroll down through a long bottom 
post series, we recognize what we've 
read before... so I assume blind people 
can recognize what they've *heard* 
before, and can simply scroll forward to 
the new sections.

Interwoven posting, however, would seem 
the real nightmare for assistance 
software.. as trying to find where you 
are and whose voice you're hearing would 
be unreliable.   My email client shows 
vertical bars for each reply level, but 
even these are highly unreliable.

- J.

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