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> > The only thing I’ve done in ages that’s even remotely Classic Computer
> related is to start working on learning how to program my Atari 2600.
> >
> > Zane
> >
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> That sounds interesting How is that even done? I know there was a Atari
> cart they came out with is that what your talking about?

These days it's all done on an emulator.. =)

But yes, there are methods (even from the classic era) to load arbitrary
code into the 2600 using a proprietary cartridge and a cassette tape
machine. In essence, the special cart has a small bootstrap ROM that loads
the software from the cassette into an internal (to the cart) RAM space
which is then banked in as if it were a real 2600 cart ROM.

Of course, the software is still limited to the hardware resources of the
2600.. the cart just emulates a plug-in ROM.

So did this post properly? If not, I don't know how else to do it!

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