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>>> "Top posting implies that you are only interested in computers from the
>>> 1990s or newer."
>> On Wed, 9 Dec 2015, drlegendre . wrote:
>>> In addition to being a sign of secretly harbored communist sympathies.
>> I thought that it was the other way around
> You mean as in "there's only one way to do something (the Party Line/the way it's always been done), regardless of how most of the rest of the world does it, and anyone deviating from that will be publicly chastised/criticised (unless they seem to rate an exemption for some reason)?"
> Personally, I find bottom-posting a huge PITA, both sending and receiving, although trimming and inline posting certainly have their place.
> m
So just to be sure This is the correct way to post?? from the bottom. in
my online gmail i dont get all the rest just the reply I will have to
look at the settings i guess.

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