Best 200 buck I have ever spent!!! Deal of a lifetime!!!

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Thu Dec 10 00:34:49 CST 2015

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> Hi Mike,
> You're not alone, I'm a big fan of the C-64.. in fact, I'm just finishing
> up a software / hardware project to interface the C-64 to a Model 15
> Teletype.
> Looks like quite a haul you made there! I'll be curious to know what all
> emerges from the heap - and of course, there are a couple things I'm
> looking for. FYI, I've had pretty good luck repairing both C-64 and 1541
> type drives. Neither of the devices are all that fragile, really, and
> almost all of the chips etc. are readily available.
> Keep us posted!
> -Bill
> On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 10:12 AM, Mike <tulsamike3434 at> wrote:
>> I was searching Craigslist and found this post with 7 boxes of C64 stuff
>> One C64 was still in the box, hard to find games great books and much
>> much more here is a link to what I got! once I have it all setup Ill
>> upload some more pictures.
>> Here is a link to the photos...
>> My wife is using my table that I am going to use to set it all up so as
>> soon as she is done I will set it all up so you guys can see it all then
>> I am sure I will have a few questions for the group.
>> Are there any other Commodore 64 users out there?
>> I hope I can meet lots of other people that have a love for vintage
>> computers as I do.

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(Bottom-posting because apparently it's easier to follow ;-)

Although the web site suggests that the TPUG store is still open it is essentially closed;
nevertheless there's still a fair bit of stuff available. If anyone's looking for something 
and is prepared to pay exorbitant Canadian postage, just send an email.

Surprised to see so much interest in C64s on a 'serious' list...


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