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Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Dec 9 21:03:09 CST 2015

On Wed, 9 Dec 2015, Adrian Stoness wrote:
> U guys are fickle at times. Oldest computer history stuff I have is the
> last remaining model of a Phillips p1000 from 68.... I've got a front panel
> of a 8i in pecies I found in a field that I'm slowly getting parts together
> to rebuild......

and therefore, you can argue that you are entitled to use the style that 
was prevalent at the time of your machines.

In 1968, . . . 
I don't remember much of those days, and most who claim to remember them 
probably weren't there.   I remember only random bits of what I was doing 
then - toiling 1968-1971 at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, 
Building 26  Space Sciences Data Center, doing some APL, FORTRAN, writing 
some trivial code to graph results from Generalized Least Squares Program 
on Calcomp 570?, 780?, and SC4020/SD4060, and gofer for a British 
physicist doing on-site contract studies about Van Allen belts.
There were few messages other than warnings of impending outages and being 
pre-empted from the 360 9x machines for active missions, etc.   We were 
rather concerned with overhead, and any replies would have had very little 
of the message that we were replying to. If there was any quoting, it 
would be a bare few words, folloewed by reply.  Lack of excess quoting 
might have been mostly due to no automated insertion of old message, and 
therefore a need to manually type it.
I remember of the very few, one of my last messages there was right 
before XMAS - we earned massive bonuses that year, our company allocated 
it as major cash bonuses to upper executives, and gave each of us a gift 
certificate towards a turkey, and then informed us that because there had 
been an unscheduled holiday earlier in the year, that we would have to 
take XMAS as "vacation".  I sent a note that I had vacation plans, please 
arrange to have the building opened so we could come in and work.  IIRC, 
I closed with "HAPPY HUMBUG".  (no lc available)

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